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The Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy offers a Communications Basic
pre-employment training program. The program allows qualified individuals who are not currently employed with a law enforcement agency the opportunity to attend an 8 day Communications Academy.  Students who successfully complete the training receive an Academy certificate of participation making them potentially more competitive for employment in the Communications profession.  Applicants not sponsored by a law enforcement agency will not be eligible for VCIN/NCIC certification.

Candidates meeting minimum requirements must complete an oral interview and background
investigation.  Upon successful completion of the background investigation and acceptance into the pre-employment program, students would be responsible for payment of tuition fees and
other administrative costs associated with the training.  

Admission Requirements
•    U. S. citizen or lawful resident of U. S. for 10 consecutive years.
•    Must be 18 years of age at the completion of training
•    Possess a valid operator’s license
•    High School Diploma or G.E.D.
•    Successfully pass a drug screening test
•    Successfully pass the oral interview process
•    Successfully pass the background investigation
•    No Felony convictions
•    Drug history will be scrutinized

Tuition and Cost
Application Fee // $50.00
RRCJA Administrative Fee // $250.00
Background Investigation // $50.00
Academy Tuition // $1,000
** Medical fees are estimates and can vary based upon physician.

The $50.00 non-refundable Application Fee is payable to the Academy upon submission of the candidate’s application.  Additional costs to obtain military, education, birth certificate, court documents, or other records as required by the applicant process are the responsibility of thestudent.

Once a candidate is accepted to proceed with a background investigation, the candidate is
responsible for costs associated with the background investigation, drug screening, and a
$250.00 non-refundable RRCJA Administrative Processing Fee.

For more information regarding the pre-employment program, please contact:
Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy
3630 Lee Hill Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22408
(540) 371-2875