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All students shall conduct themselves in a professional manner during training.  Verbal or physical conduct that harasses, disrupts, interferes, or creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile learning environment will not be tolerated.

All personnel are expected to present a professional appearance while attending training at the academy. Casual attire is permitted in lieu of departmental uniform. Shorts, cut offs, sleeveless shirts, or anything with obscene printing which detracts from a positive learning atmosphere is not permitted. Denim Jeans without tears or rips are acceptable.

Use of alcohol or tobacco products are not allowed in the academy buildings. All tobacco products must be consumed in the designated area outside the building.  

Sworn law enforcement officers may carry firearms while in full uniform or if in civilian attire displaying their badge of authority.

All in-service personnel leaving class early or arriving late must check in/out with the academy main office or the              in-service coordinator.

All cell phones and other communication devices must be turned off or on vibrate when in class.   

Any phone messages for students, received by the academy will be posted on the classroom door to be retrieved during breaks. Emergency messages will be immediately delivered in person to the student.

The exercise room may be used before and after classes and during lunch periods. The exercise room rules are posted on the wall in the exercise room.

Be respectful of other classes that are in session during your class break/lunch times.

Immediately report any accidents or injuries that occur during training or while on academy grounds to the academy staff.