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 The Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the community by providing the finest training and responsive service.  We will make a positive difference by instilling ethical values and developing leaders as we train, educate, and prepare students for the future.  We will foster partnerships with member agencies through the application of our guiding principles: Integrity, Progress, Fairness, Teamwork, and Professionalism.

Guiding Principles we are committed to:

    Integrity:  We have integrity.  Integrity is discerning right from wrong for the right reasons, even at personal cost.  We instill integrity in our students by acting as role models and adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards in all our dealings with them and the agencies we serve.

    Progress:  We are progressive.  We are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.  We provide innovative and realistic training to meet the tactical and educational needs of our agencies.  We are passionate  in our quest for self-improvement in the advancement of our staff and the agencies we serve.

    Fairness:  We are fair.  We recognize and value cultural diversity.  We treat all people objectively and without favoritism in an impartial, respectful, and courteous manner.

    Teamwork:  We are a team. We combine our diverse skills, abilities, and views in a cooperative manner to provide effective quality service.   We are united through mutual responsibility with our member agencies to achieve the highest performance standards in a cohesive training and work environment.

    Professionalism:  We are professional.  We provide quality training by competent, knowledgeable, and dedicated instructors.  We encourage an environment of open communication in which our skills and abilities are used to constantly strive for ever rising standards.